About Us

We are an association with the sole purpose of providing competent, effective and unbureaucratic help to those seeking protection and those in need. 

The association does not pursue any commercial purposes and seeks no profit. 

Together with many helpers, we have made it our mission to provide well-organized help. 

We are also happy to support you in helping people seeking protection from Ukraine.

Claudia Raine, president, is originally from Romania and has lived in Basel for many years.

Claudia started doing charity work in her teens. Now she applies her experience in NGOs and Corporate world to meet urgent needs in Ukraine. 

With her commitment and drive, Claudia constantly educates and expands our network.

Oleh Dotsenko, board member, is our Ukrainian ace. 

Despite the difficult situation, he is committed with all his heart. 

Oleh organises the transports, coordinates volunteers and finds out what is needed in Ukraine by speaking directly with people in need.

Tim Symes, board member, is originally from England and supported early Basel initiatives for arriving Ukrainian refugees and the launch of the association (Verein). 

He provides advice on ongoing activities.

Carina Wyss, board member, combines years of experience in NPO management and the private sector.

She supports us in the areas of fundraising, public relations and strategy.

Marco Franzosi, board member, is an Italian numerical genius.

He is involved in all strategic decisions, public relations and manages the finances.

Marco is living proof that there is and needs to be heart with head.

In addition to the board of directors, the association counts on a large number of volunteers. Dozens of people from Ukraine and many local people support From Basel with Love with money, know-how or labour. We thank them all from the bottom of our hearts!

A special thanks goes to Nadine Hager, who actively supports both the collection point in Dornacherstrasse and our communication.

"I believe that we need to break the system and build a new one. We have to start from the needs. Local organizations have lists of needs that are constantly updated. International humanitarian missions could contact us and ask what people really need, based on real requests."

                                                                      - Ukrainian activist Olena Shevchenko

Our Team Work:

From Basel With Love
We help Ukraine competently and effectively with heart