We have temporarily suspended receiving material help (clothes, shoes, etc.) because we have not found the space for our storage yet. 

List of things we desperately need:

-  spring clothes and shoes (trainers as well, no high heels ) in good condition and washed, especially spring or rain jackets:
  * men and women XL- 6 XL
* kids 104 - 176
- New underwear and socks men,  women and teenagers all sizes
- home gowns (bathrobes), PJ, and slippers (very cold in the basement) 

- towels ( especially big )
- blankets 
- duvets
- bedsheets (complete if possible)
- clean mattresses that we can roll

- pots and pans (in good condition, most of them don’t have oil)
- cutlery (especially soup spoons)
- electric plates  (german plug or with adapter) 
- kettles (german plug or with adapter)
- cool bags (no cool boxes)
- diapers kids and adults, wipes, powder and cream
- Sanitary products (not started)
- Washing powder (max 3.5 kg)

- instant food, dry food, cans, tee, coffee and sweets , baby food and formula (with min 3 weeks before expiry date) 

- vitamins (especially D,  Magnesium and B12 for lack of light and stress)
- any type of bandages 
- any type of medication, paracetamol, ibuprofen, flu and cough medicine for babies, kids and adults (not expired)
- inhalers
- blood pressure monitors
- thermometers
- wheelchairs 
- zimmer (walking) frames

- school supplies, coloring books (not started), Stickers, water colors and brushes, backpacks (in good condition and not bulky)
- phones that can be used for online school where they can’t attend school 
- puzzles up to 500 pieces (complete), crafting material
- lego, duplo, small cars and dolls , small games
- power banks

Please bring us only clothes and bedding in good condition and clean. Most of the families that we are supporting don’t have the opportunity to wash.


From Basel With Love
We help Ukraine competently and effectively with heart